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Leeds Summer Seminar 2010

Who We Are

The Roshukai offers instruction in the classical style of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Japanese Swordsmanship to any sincere student irrespective of what association or group they may belong.

The Eikoku Roshukai ( English branch of Roshukai ) is neither an organization or association but is based on a traditional school that has its roots in Japan that go back over 500 years.

Some years ago, a group of like minded people in the UK began to organize regular seminars to advance the knowledge and understanding of the classical Iai of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. It soon became clear that in order to do this, funds would have to be raised to finance visits from Japanese instructors. However, in raising funds the philosophy of the group is still to provide, at the cheapest possible costs to students, regular seminars with UK instructors of very high calibre. The annual membership is kept very low at just £30.00 per year, with the cost of seminars from only £10.00. This value for money approach is deliberate in order to encourage as many students as possible to join and attend as many seminars as possible.

Handbooks, courses and insurance are all available within the membership. A regular magazine called “Obi” is sent out free to each member to keep them informed of news and events and to provide a forum for discussing a wide range of topics associated with Martial Arts and Iaido in particular.

The group is run by its members for its members. None of the participants receive any remuneration of any kind for activities associated with the group. The formula works, the membership continues to grow with members across the country.

Roshukai Headmaster

Iwata Norikazu Sensei was born in 1913. He began his iaijutsu training in Kochi with students of the 17th master Oe Masamichi, he then went on to University in Tokyo and continued his training there under Mori Shigeki, another famous student of Oe Masamichi. Today at the age of 105 Iwata Norikazu Sensei is a Menkyo Kaiden (highest level certificate) holder and 19th generation hanshi of the ryu.

Iwata Sensei is famous in the sword world of Japan and is held in the highest regard, not only as a swordsman, but as historian and writer on the subject. He is still fit and healthy, training and teaching regularly and has dedicated the rest of his years to passing on the teachings of Oe Masamichi. This he does this through the vehicle of the Roshukai.

Iwata Norikazu Sensei
Zenkoku Roshukai Kaicho

Eikoku Roshukai Chief Instructors

Neil Kemp Brian Morrison Mark Sykes Steve Watering
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