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[edit] Articles

[edit] Iwata Sensei

Shame and Glory

The record of my Iai at Kyoto Taikai

To make good progress with dougi

Agi Of Giho

Self - Will in Iai Training

My Iaido

Yoin (Reverberation)

Dogyo Ninin

Devotion To Iai

The meaning of waza mae

[edit] Makino Sensei


10 Admonishions For Teachers

Exercises for Cultivating the use of Hara

[edit] Others

Regarding The Size of Katana and Tsuba by Kono Hyakuren, 20th MJER headmaster

Compilation of MJER Sword Forms

Comments on Grading

Extreme Aratameshi (Destructive Sword Testing)

[edit] Movies

Iwata Sensei Demonstrating Kirioroshi

Iwata Sensei's most recent teaching video - Omori Ryu, first 9 mins
As above but 5 minutes with English Subtitles
Iwata Sensei's most recent teaching video - Oku Iwaza, first 9 mins

Nakayama Hakudo

How To Fold a Gi and Hakama

[edit] Links

The Eishin Ryu of Tosa - Iwata Norikazu Sensei

Kiso Iai Koza - Iwata Norikazu Sensei

Tsuka Maki (Handle Wrapping)

Beginners Mind "In the beginners mind there are many possibilites, in the experienced mind there are few." - (Suzuki Shunryu 1904 - 1971)

What it takes to be great

The role of uchidachi in kata by Steve Quinlan

Women Warriors of Japan by Ellis Amdur

Bushido - The Soul Of Japan (1908) by INAZO NITOBÉ

Ogasawara Ryu etiquette

Mindfulness in Plain English (Guide to Insight Meditation)

How To Tie Obi

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